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Millions of dollars were returned to financial fraud victims.

If you have deposited over $5,000 and are struggling to get your money back, get in touch with us today.

It takes less than 30 seconds to check

The Stats & Facts Speak for Themselves

1. Claim Assessment

Simply complete the form to see if you qualify for fund recovery.

2. Consultation

Our friendly, experienced advisers will contact you to evaluate your case.

3. Make Your Decision

We will explain all your options, so that you can decide which solution works best for you!

Binary Options Victim? You Could Be Due a Refund
Get a Free Consultation Today.

What Others Say About Us

"I would like to take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks for the outstanding service your company provided on our behalf. The recovery of $183,000 will allow us to breathe much easier in our retirement years"
Bill and Doris Wagner​
Gratefully yours

You don’t go to court without a lawyer.
You don’t recover funds from scam brokers without Better Shields.

It’s that simple.

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If you’ve been scammed or suspect you’ve been subject to broker fraud, you could be eligible to recover your funds now.

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